Transition support video transcript


(music plays softly in the background)

Young man:

Now I'll have someone who'll support me - a transition worker, and they'll stay in touch with me to make sure I'm doing okay.

My transition worker will get to know me and help me out when I've got any questions, putting me in touch with the right people and services to help guide me along the way.

They'll also help me be more independent.
Help me set goals and achieve them.

I'll need help with things like accomodation costs, training courses I'm interested in or getting a job.

I'll need help with other things too.

My transition worker will be there for me and can help arrange extra support for things like counselling or legal advice.

I can choose to stay with a caregiver I already know rather than worrying about where I'll be living.

This will help me build better, stronger relationships with others.

I'll get the help that I need - whenever I need it.

All of these services will help me grow in confidence gain real life skills, and help me succeed at the things that I want to do.

It's about making sure young people are supported all the way through. As we grow into adults and make our way into the world.

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